My interest in photography goes back about twenty years. What started out as a hobby soon developed into a strong enthusiasm to learn more. Shortly after moving to Hendersonville, NC in 2004, the doors opened to join two camera clubs in this area. Over the years I have developed my photography to higher levels and always find new and different challenges to experiment with. Check out more of my photos at my website:
JudyTuthill_ClematisVineJudyTuthill_FallBacklightingJudyTuthill_Gone With The Wind-Still LifeJudyTuthill_LakeLouise_(Canada)JudyTuthill_MoraineLake_Banff(Canada)JudyTuthill_RainbowOvertheMtnsJudyTuthill_RoanMtnStatePark_TNJudyTuthill_Scarlet RosemallowJudyTuthill_Trio of Dahlias_Bullington GardensJudyTuthill_Virtuoso#1_StillLife