Volunteer Opportunities


The Camera Club of Hendersonville is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization dedicated to photographers desiring to improve their photographic skills and knowledge in association with others so motivated. Without volunteers, the Club would not exist. We need Members to “raise their hand” and say “ I can do that!” Volunteering is an excellent way to meet other Club Members, learn new photographic skills, and become more involved in this community of photographers.


Below is a list of positions available in 2017. By more Club Members becoming involved, the overall work load is diminished dramatically. Click on the job title to see what the job entails.


New Members Coordinator- Thanks to Paula Stankovich for volunteering

Welcoming Coordinator - Thanks to Rob McKelvy for volunteering!

Communications Coordinator -Thanks to John Owens for volunteering

Set Up Coordinator - Thanks to Ashok Kudva for volunteering!

Workshop Coordinator- Thanks to David Powell for volunteering!

Hospitality Coordinator



At the bottom of each page above you will find a link to apply. Simply put the job title in the email subject line and give us a reason why you think you can do the job.  

If you have any questions after reading the job descriptions above please contact Ken Weaver