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My involvement with photography became very strong a few years back when I found my
life needing some balance...some therapy. Not being able to afford a $90/hr counselor, I
started taking long walks. Somewhere along the way I started taking a camera. I found that
clicking the shutter and capturing something God put in my path became my therapy. It took
my mind off what was spiraling in my life that was out of my control and giving me something
beautiful out of it. It still is my therapy. I take breaks every now and then but pick it back up
again along the way. My real passion is street photography. I love capturing the true raw
life that is out there. Good and not so good.
Becky Bishop - PhotographerBecky Bishop_Blue HeronBecky Bishop_Chipmunk  WatchingBecky Bishop_Jane Ashers StorefrontBecky Bishop_Lily PadsBecky Bishop_Pink SunshineBecky Bishop_Street MusicianBecky Bishop_The DrinkBecky Bishop_The Wall KeeperBeckyBishop_Geese BabiesBeckyBishop_Lily Pad