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I got interested in photography in grade school, using my parents' old box camera. I was the High School newspaper staff photographer my senior year in High School, by then having a darkroom with enlarger and a reasonably decent camera. In college, I was too busy with studies and earning tuition with a TV repair business that I started. After college, I bought a nice Nikon S2 rangefinder camera and used it for travel pictures. Later when we had children, I went through several cameras, ending up with a Hasselblad and a few lenses that were available at such a good price I couldn't pass them up. I joined the company camera club my first job out of college, a club in Champaign/Urbana Illinois while I worked at the University of Illinois. I somehow ended up repairing cameras and flash units for the local camera shop for a few years. When I retired and we moved to this area I found the Camera Club of Hendersonville and switched to digital photography. To me, photography is the whole process from picture taking to digital editing (which replaces the dodging and burning done in the darkroom), and of course printing my own images, now and then having prints made on canvas, larger than my printer can make. Unfortunately I am a better technician than artist. Now and then I stumble onto a good photo opportunity. Ron Anderson

Editors Note:
Ron Anderson, age 81, passed into glory Saturday, June 11, 2016. He had served on the Steering Committee and had been the Chairman and Treasurer of the Club for many years.
Mt Rainier from Space NeedleRonAnderson_BridgeRonAnderson_DahliaRonAnderson_Grove Acade in AshevilleRonAnderson_Mountain PassRonAnderson_Southwest DesertRonAnderson_VillageRonAnderson_White DahliaRonAnderson_Window with FlowerRonAnderson_Yellow Door

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