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Rich is a retired chemist who has been serious about photography for about 10 years. His interests are nature of all sorts, but mainly birds- including waterfowl, insects and flowers. Most of his photography is done close to home, but the lure of Florida in winter has produced an increasing number of his best images.
Rich DeSimone, PhotographerBison on a Hot DayCanada Goose Graceful LandingLate Winter BluebirdPearson's FallsPileated WoodpeckerPipevine SwallowtailTigerWater Lilies at Flat Rock ParkBasket of GourdsRainy Day MushroomsRed-Bellied WoodpeckerPoinsettiaYellow-Throated WarblerRoseate SpoonbillHoverflyHyacinth MacawFoggy Morning at the RookeryBlue and Yellow MacawCrab Spider Feasting on Honeybee