Camera Club of Hendersonville, NC | Rich DeSimone

Rich is a retired chemist who has been serious about photography for about 6 years. His interests are nature of all sorts, but mainly birds- including waterfowl, insects and flowers. Most of his photography is done close to home, but the lure of Florida in winter has produced an increasing number of his best images.
Rich DeSimone PhotographerRich DeSimone_Bison on a Hot DayRich DeSimone_Canada Goose Graceful LandingRich DeSimone_Late Winter BluebirdRich DeSimone_Pearson's FallsRich DeSimone_Pileated WoodpeckerRich DeSimone_Pipevine SwallowtailRich DeSimone_TigerRich DeSimone_Water Lilies at Flat Rock ParkRich DeSimone_Basket of GourdsRich DeSimone_Rainy Day MushroomsRich DeSimone_Red-Bellied WoodpeckerRich DeSimone_Sunset at Jump-Off RockRich DeSimone_PoinsettiaRich DeSimone_Yellow-Throated WarblerRich DeSimone_Roseate SpoonbillRich DeSimone - Immature 'Bug'Rich DeSimone HoverflyRich DeSimone - Hyacinth MacawRich DeSimone Foggy Morning at the Rookery