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I am a British expatriate (with US citizenship) that has lived in the USA for almost 40 years. My wife, Diane, and I now live north of Travelers Rest in South Carolina. We have owned a home there almost 10 years but it has been our full-time residence for the last 2+ years. I have only been a photographer for 7 or 8 years and my experience is purely digital. As with almost every photographer who moves to this area, I started with landscapes, waterfalls, etc. although I never got into macro. As my skill level improved, my photographic interests changed and I am now almost 100% street photographer. I always shoot in color but find that B&W works better for me in about 80% of my work. I started with Nikon but moved to a Sony mirrorless camera about 18 months ago and now shoot with nothing else. More samples of my work (gallery represents only samples of 2016 work) can be found at under the user name wgabb.
William J. Gabb, PhotographerWilliam_Gabb_Anderson_Flea_Market_gallery-1William_Gabb_Asheville_Street_Photo_gallery-1William_Gabb_Campaign_coverage_gallery-1William_Gabb_Creating_Art_gallery-1William_Gabb_Waiting_for_a_friend_gallery-1William_Gabb_Artist_at_work_gallery-1William_Gabb_Waiting_for_Bernie_gallery-1William_Gabb_After_the_Race_gallery-1William_Gabb_Walk_on_by_gallery-1