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My love for photography began from watching my dad chronical our family through the years. I started with a brownie camera followed by many instamatic type cameras. My first SLR was manual and needed the use of a handheld light meter. I started developing black and white film in cobbled together darkrooms in closets and basements. After the black and white phase, my 2nd child, and full-time work, photography became snapshots and vacation photography. My current cameras are an iphone with various apps for both taking the photo and post processing and I’m relearning how to use my Nikon D90 along with Capture NX2 for post processing. I’m self-taught so looking forward to learning more about photography and post processing from the phenomenal photographers in this club.

The picture of my Aunt is a favorite because it captured an interesting expression along with her “polio hand”. As a child her hand was a fascination and she had to answer many questions from her young nieces and nephews. The lilies were in a garden near our apartment in San Francisco and the ship was taken in San Juan during a vacation. I spent a weekend in Zermatt during a business trip so captured the sunrise on the Matterhorn and nearby trees after a light dusting of snow. The milkweed plant was from my patio in New Jersey and the two sunrises from my deck in Flat Rock.
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