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While I’ve enjoyed photography in its simplest for a long time, I began to take it more seriously after going on a photo tour in the Grand Teton National Park in 2012. Once my wife and I retired to North Carolina in Nov. 2014, I had both the time and photo opportunities to really take a deep dive into photography. My skill set has improved with lots of practice as well as coaching from photography friends in CCOH. I’ve been fortunate to sell several photos in the Hendersonville area and recently publish an article about Eastatoe Falls in the web-based photo magazine, Light and Landscape. But there’s tons more to learn and that’s the best thing about photography.
Reid NorthrupBehind Dry Falls - Oct 2017Duggars Falls - Oct 2017Hooker Falls Distant - Oct 2017Hooker Falls Side - Oct 2017Linn Cove Viaduct Side - Oct 2017Pearson Falls Autumn Colors - Oct 2017Rough Ridge Bridge - Oct 2017Tremont Autumn Flow - Nov 2017Tropical Eastatoe - Aug 2017