Pixie ForestPixie Forest Pixie Forest/Craggy Gardens Field Trip

Wednesday, July 12,2017


Meet at 5:00 pm at Ingles in Skyland,  1865 Hendersonville Rd. Asheville. Drive North on Hwy 25 to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Turn right on the BRP and drive North to mile marker 363.4, this will be the Greybeard Overlook,  about 45 min drive. There is a narrow path that leads into the woods. The trees in this area of the parkway are not very tall, have a wavering look about their trunks, the grass is tall with a drooping effect that gives this place a dreamlike magical and pleasantly unreal quality.  The setting sun and long shadows should add to the effect.


Next, we will go to the next exit North which is the Glassmine Falls Overlook.  The falls are too far to make a good image but this is a great place for panoramas. 


We will leave Glassmine Falls at about 7:30pm and drive South to the Craggy Gardens Visitor Center at mile marker 367 on the right.  The center will be closed but the restrooms are open.  Sunset is 8:45pm.  This will give us plenty of time to back in, set up, and enjoy our tailgate party so bring your own snacks, sandwiches and drinks. 


After sunset we will drive South to Hwy 25 South back to Ingles for any cars left at the lot.


Please RSVP Mike Merrill at [email protected]


As with all of our field trips, we require a completely filled out Release Agreement for each person attending our organized events. It is important that you have it downloaded, printed and filled out before you leave home so we will not be holding up our departure from the Ingles meet up site.