CCoH 2017 Youth Outreach Program

August and September 2017

A team of CCoH Members conducted training workshops, field trips and a photo contest for students from the Hendersonville 4-H and Boy Scout Troop 603

Overview of CCoH Outreach Program

This was a “hands on” program and everyone who participates used a digital camera, either a cell phone, a point-and-shoot camera or a DSLR with interchangeable lens. They brought it with them fully charged along with the owner’s manual to each session.  If they do not have access to one, the CCoH provided a loaner.


We encouraged everyone to ask questions at any time since we wanted to make sure that everyone understands the material. We had ample time for questions to be fully answered including breaking up into smaller groups for more extensive explanation.

  • Session #1 – Introductions, basics of photography, assigned shooting and viewing homework
  • Session #2 – Critique of images submitted by each participant as teaching points for all
  • Advanced instructions (from below)
  • Session #3 – Critique of images submitted by each participant as teaching points for all, instructions for submitting images for photo contest
  • Session #4 – Collecting and judging entries and awarding prizes

The student winners of the Photo Contest were:


1st Place Ben Bryner


2nd Place Tom Elley


3rd Place, Lita Fandozzi



Student's Choice Elijah Bandy




The CCoH Instruction Team:

David Powell

Werner Bonitz

Steve Simpson

Rich DeSimone

Diane Trochim

Margie Decker

Peter Jones

Bob Coffey, Program Director



CCoH Team and Students



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