Commendations and Honors


Throughout the storied history of CCoH, a number of club members, both past and present, have received commendations and honors for their photographic images and their service. At times, the club itself has received such commendations and honors. The list below provides a summary of many of these accolades. Clicking on the hyperlinked text for each of the listed items will take you to a page or open a PDF that provides greater detail on that specific commendation or honor.


2021 Commendations and Honors

CCoH 5-year PSA Certificate


2020 Commendations and Honors

Rob Mckelvy - "Chimney Rock"

Jim Pierson - "Feather and Wood"


2019 Commendations and Honors

Ward Seguin - Western Carolina State Fair

Bill Imhof - Washington Post

April Johnson - Professional Photographers of America

Ward Seguin - White Squirrel Festival

Valerie Klevan - Artscape Banner Project


2018 Commendations and Honors

Valerie Klevan - Artscape Banner Project

Bonnie Mangold - PSA Newsletter Contest

Ward Seguin - Mountain State Fair


2017 Commendations and Honors

Susi Luard - Royal Photographic Society


2016 Commendations and Honors

Susi Luard & Greg Lambert - Royal Photographic Society

Orolin, Law, and Jones - Hollingsworth Exhibition

Rob Mckelvy - Heritage Foundation

Sharon Packer - International Color Awards


2015 Commendations and Honors

CCoH - City of Hendersonville