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CCoH Monthly Photo Review

What is the CCoH Monthly Photo Review?

The CCoH Monthly Photo Review is a great, risk-free way to get feedback and suggestions on your images from other CCoH members.

What images can be submitted?

There are no rules regarding themes or when the image was taken. You are free to submit a single “straight-out-of-the-camera" (SOOC) image, post-edited image, or an "image pair" consisting of both the SOOC image and the edited image. Up to three different images and/or before-after image pairs are permitted each month.

When is the deadline for submitting images?

Typically, images for the Monthly Photo Review are due the 2nd Saturday of the month. Any exceptions to this ‘2nd
Saturday due date’ will be shared to all members via email.

How are images submitted?

Follow the CCoH Photo Submission Guidelines!

Additionally, some basic metadata about the images is requested to help the Review Team.

Refer to the CCoH Monthly Photo Review Metadata Template (Note: link will download a MS Word file) as a sample template. Metadata about all submitted images should be included in a single document.

How will the image submitter receive the comments, feedback, suggested changes, etc. from the reviewers?

After the Review Team has completed their review, which is usually completed within one week, all image submitters will receive an email containing a Google Photo link where feedback and/or alternative interpretations of the original image can be viewed.


Page Updated July 17, 2023