Refreshment Guidelines

The Club's membership participates in providing refreshments each month. We enjoy a social hour from 6:30-7:00pm. Two members volunteer to bring refreshments by signing up in advance. As a reminder, the Hospitality Coordinator calls the volunteers five days in advance of the meeting.

Listed below are some helpful hints to follow:

  1. Keep refreshments simple: finger-type foods work well. For example, cookies, brownies, quick breads, pretzels/nuts, fresh fruit, cubed cheese cuts, crackers, etc. Snacks that work well without the use of plastic plates are encouraged. Food should be sliced or cut in advance and displayed on trays for easy serving. One of two volunteers needs to bring bottled water, usually 16 oz. Generally about 48 Bottles will be sufficient.
  2. Generally, we have an average attendance of about 60* (check this) members, so each volunteer should plan for approximately 30 servings. The two volunteers usually coordinate food plans with each other.
  3. The club provides napkins, cups, and (if needed) plates and forks.
  4. Since the social period begins at 6:30pm, all food should be in place around 6:15 p.m. All you need to do is deliver the refreshments and place them on the table.


The Hospitality Coordinator will be available to assist.