The Value of a CCoH Membership

The Camera Club of Hendersonville has found the right formula for success!

Planning + Promotion = Success

The CCoH provides:

  • A dynamic calendar and schedule of informative and educational programming
  • Monthly critique groups
  • Multiple planned/guided field trip opportunities
  • Mini workshops
  • Mentoring
  • Image gallery opportunities on the web site
  • Opportunities to exhibit your prints
  • An affiliation with the Photographic Society of America (PSA)

All of these benefits are included in your membership at no extra cost, which demonstrates the value of a CCoH membership.

The current renewal annual membership of $40.00 per individual, which amounts to a mere $3.33 per meeting, is a great investment! First time members pay $15 over the annual rate. It is a real bargain considering that folks pay $7-$8 just to see one movie or spend more on a specialty coffee beverage! Make the most of your dues by taking part in some of these valuable club opportunities. You will have fun, learn, and most of all, create new friendships.

Much is going on behind the scenes to make this club what it is. So, perhaps consider volunteering by asking any board member. They’d be happy to talk with you about the endless possibilities! We are a community of friendly photographers who enjoy sharing our knowledge with others! Aren’t you glad that you are a part of this vibrant and growing WNC photography club?

Revised 2.12.2022