General Meeting Schedule 2018

All General Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month with the exception of December.

PhotoCritique is the format quarterly occurring in January, April, July and October. At these General Meetings members may submit images to be critiqued. See the Submission Guidelines.

January 23 Theme: Patterns, Critiqued by PhotoCritique 09.15.2017PhotoCritique 09.15.2017 Jeff Miller

0351-Above-the-River-Walk0351-Above-the-River-Walk Credit : Ken Weaver


February 27        Balance/ Symmetry Presentation by Don McGowan


March 27        Before and After, Side by Side


PhotoCritique 09.15.2017PhotoCritique 09.15.2017 April 24  Balance/Symmetry Critiqued by Don McGowan


A44_Greg Lambert_Next Stop the Twlight ZoneA44_Greg Lambert_Next Stop the Twlight Zone

credit: Greg Lambert


May 22  Wild Life in the National Parks Presentation by Dee Langevin

0022 90 Bison Trodging Through Snow Along the River0022 90 Bison Trodging Through Snow Along the RiverA Bison trodges through the snow along the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park

Credit: Ken Weaver 

June 26  Annual Print Competition


2017 Print Winner- Gary Lightner, Advanced


PhotoCritique 09.15.2017PhotoCritique 09.15.2017 July 24   Theme: Perspective critiqued by Susanna Euston



Credit: Gary Lightner


August 28   Image Design Presentation by Jennifer King


September 25  Sharing Creative Visions( New!!) presentation by Club Members


PhotoCritique 09.15.2017PhotoCritique 09.15.2017 October 23  Theme: Contrast Critiqued by John Smith



Credit: Steve Simpson


November 27  LightRoom Post Production Made Easy Presentation by Les Saucier


December 11   Christmas Party