KLW_3902 Liberty Suspension BridgeKLW_3902 Liberty Suspension BridgeLiberty Suspension Bridge in Reedy Park, Greenville, SC

Falls Park on the Reedy River

Wednesday June 27th at 4:30 pm

Meet at the Peace Center 300 S. Main Street Greenville, S.C.  The front courtyard has benches and is a short walk from several parking garages. Two garages close by are Poinsett Garage(25 North  McBee Street) and Falls Park Garage(300 River Street.)


From the Peace Center we will walk to Smoke on the Water Restaurant for an early dinner before rush hour.  Afterwards we will stroll along the Reedy River and Falls Park.   A free music event will be going on at the Peace Center Amphitheater from 7:00 until 9:00.   It will feature a reggae band.


We have an upcoming competition with the London Cripplegate Camera Club and this will give us an opportunity to capture a few images in three of the categories,  Dramatic Light, Urban Life and Motion.   We will be staying until and through the "Blue Hour"


As always you are welcome to join any or all parts of the field trip and please have your release form filled out and with you at the meetup location at the Peace Center.


"Get into Reggae, Cowboy"


Please RSVP Mike Merrill so that he can make a reservation at the restaurant!