Current Volunteer Opportunities

The CCoH is slowly and surely recovering from the COVID slump, thanks to the efforts of all those who pitch in to make it work. We are approaching our former membership of 100 and will probably meet or exceed that mark later in 2023.

At the same time, a return to the many activities we have enjoyed in the past requires the volunteer support of many members. Some of our members are currently serving double-duty to compensate for our being shorthanded on volunteers. Listed below are the positions we desire to fill ASAP:

  1. Audio Visual Coordinator (2) (may have the Zoom duties combined with it into one position)
  2. Hospitality Coordinator
  3. New Members Coordinator
  4. Mentor Coordinator 
  5. Setup Coordinator
  6. Welcoming Coordinator
  7. Zoom Coordinator (New, but may be combined with the AV Coordinator position)

Respective job descriptions are available by clicking on each job description above. For most positions, fellow members are available to help new volunteers get started and become established. It also provides an opportunity for newer members to get to know the club's longer-serving members, helping to broaden our mentorship.

Looking ahead to 2024, we need replacements for both president and secretary. These are elected positions and must be nominated to the slate of candidates to be announced in September 2023.

The nominating committee is actively seeking people to fill all these positions. Please express your interest, and/or recommend other members who might be qualified and available.

Getting involved in CCoH by volunteering is a great way to get to know fellow club members and to develop new friendships with people who share similar interests. Note that they are all considered a labor of love, and most members feel a high level of gratification in being a part of the team.
For consideration, please reach out to the nominating committee chair, Bob Coffey, at [email protected].

Updated 15-JUN-2023