2022 Before & After Submission Guidelines

Hello Club Members,


Since 2017, the Camera Club of Hendersonville (“CCoH”) has been having an annual “Before and After” program. The last few years have been hampered by COVID and live meeting issues. This year, 2022, we will be holding the program COVID or not; live meeting or not. This is an exercise of POST-PROCESSING and individual vision. You will be able to select between 1 and 3 BEFORE images (supplied to you) and process them using whatever software you use to do your post-processing no matter what you use. Typical examples might be Photoshop, TOPAZ, Affinity, ON1, etc., etc., etc.


Here is how it works:

  1. The BEFORE images will be available for download after 2/5/2022 from the following location: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ORYBJBWPD_BLu83dKd1q8KEF8HOi1OPG?usp=sharing

  2. Images are provided in both JPEG and RAW formats.

  3. Download and edit up to three (3) BEFORE photographs using whatever editing software you wish. Make note of your processing history as you go along since you will be asked to review the steps you used to create your AFTER version of your selected photographs. The processing may range from subtle enhancements of contrast, saturation, clarity, etc. to major applications of art styles, element additions/removals, cropping, etc. Go crazy and have fun.

  4. Use the usual image sizing and formatting defined on the CCoH Website at: Microsoft Word - CCoH Image Resizing Info.doc (cameraclubofhendersonville.com).

  5. The naming conventions are different from the club’s norm. The original images are named beginning with the number (1-6) followed by an underscore, followed by the contributor’s name, i.e. 1_JD.CR2 You will need to number your AFTER images in a like manner using YOUR NAME: i.e. 1_Stefani.jpg. Following this naming convention allows for alignment/sorting of the Before and After images for display purposes. Photograph ranking, titles, or categorizing is not relevant to this exercise.

  6. Submit your images to [email protected] no later than March 5, 2022, 11:59 p.m. EST. Please include AFTER in the email subject line.

  7. At the March 22, 2022 meeting, we will display each member’s BEFORE and AFTER photographs and ask the member to summarize the processing steps utilized.


This program is always a fun activity. We encourage all to participate.


Contact [email protected] with questions or clarifications