3611 Biltmore House3611 Biltmore HouseThe Biltmore House in Ashville North Carolina was the largest residence in America with 250 rooms



Meet at 8:30 am in Lowes "with-a-view “parking lot, just off Airport Road. Park at the southwest end of the lot next to Best Buy. Organize into carpools with 3 to 4 people and drive to Biltmore Estate via I-26 to I-40, then exit onto Highway 25 in Biltmore.  A couple of dollars for driver would be nice.


​If you are planning to attention, you should know that the entrance fee is $50-$60/person depending on when you buy your ticket. See the Biltmore Website to order. You should do it in advance and print you ticket so that you do not hold up the others in your group.


After parking and a bus ride we should arrive at the front of the house around 9:30 am. Shoot the house, the grounds and the garden area and then meet for lunch between 12:30 to 1 pm at the "Stable" restaurant on the right side of the main entrance to the house. 


After lunch we return to our vehicles and drive to the lake and ponds that are located behind the house on the way to Antler Village.Then drive out the main gate to Highway 25 and turn left out the gate to Meadow Rd. Then turn left to "Jonas Gerard" art studio located between 310 and 500 block where Lyman and Old Lyman Steet intersect. Lyman turns into Riverside Drive. Turn right and drive behind the studio to some old warehouses with a lot of graffiti painted on them.


Afterwards return to Riverside Drive and turn right for about one mile to West Haywood Street and turn right again. Then cross the railroad tracks to "Earle Chesterfield Mill Co.", which is a restaurant with ample parking on the south side near the water towers (they look more like old grain silos). The address is 1 Roberts Street, Asheville. The old water towers have "Good Vibes" painted their sides. These sites offer good opportunities to play with HDR. 


Return to Lowes on Airport Road. Please RSVP to Mike Merrill at

[email protected] or (828) 684-9436 so we will have a headcount of who to expect.