Name and Purpose

Section 1.  The name of this organization shall be “The Camera Club of Hendersonville, NC”.

Section 2.  The purpose of the Club shall be to establish and maintain an organization of serious photographers living in and about Hendersonville whereby persons desiring to improve their photographic skills and knowledge may do so in association with others so motivated.



Section 1.  The membership shall consist of persons having certain inclinations in common:

  1. A continuing, active interest in photography and a desire to enhance their skills.
  2. A disposition of mind to support the purpose and intent of the Club.
  3. Cheerful acceptance and creditable execution of office or committee service if such is within their capacity.

Section 2.  Membership shall require the payment of annual dues in the amount and within the time limit prescribed herein.

Section 3.  All Club members shall be furnished a membership card and, if requested, a copy of these by-laws.

Section 4.  There shall be no limitations on the number of members nor any constraints on membership contrary to existing law.


Dues and Assessments

Section 1.  The annual dues for members whose permanent residence is in or about Hendersonville shall be $20 per photographer, payable before or at the January meeting. [Non-member spouses are welcome to attend meetings but not to participate in contests, Show & Tell nights or Forums].

Section 2.  New members joining the Club and members who reside seasonally in Hendersonville will pay dues pro-rated to the previous quarter. [i.e., join/arrive January-March, $20; April-June, $15, etc., $10 minimum].

Section 3.  The membership, by two thirds majority of those present and voting at a regular meeting, may levy an assessment. A newly received member shall not be liable for the payment of any assessment imposed prior to joining the Club.

Section 4.  All dues and assessments shall be payable to the Treasurer.

Section 4.  The fiscal year shall commence January 1 of each year and end on the following December 31.



Club Governance

Section 1.  The Club shall be directed by a STEERING COMMITTEE [aka, the Committee] consisting of five members. Steering Committee meetings shall be open to all members.

Section 2.  The Committee members shall elect a Chairperson.

Section 3.  The Committee shall appoint a Moderator to preside at regular meetings. The moderator may or may not be a member of the Committee.

Section 4.  The jobs of Secretary and Treasurer shall be done by Committee members as mutually agreed upon and assigned.

Section 5.  The Committee may, at its discretion, appoint a ‘Special Committee’ which shall function only long enough to complete its stated assignment.


Election of Steering Committee

Section 1.  The Steering Committee shall be members of the Club in good standing and shall be elected by majority vote of the membership, present and voting, for a period of one year. Committee members shall be chosen from among those who are not seasonal members.

Section 2.   During the regular August meeting, the chairperson shall appoint a Special Committee designated as the Nominating Committee and composed of a chairperson and two other members. Their function shall be to develop a slate of nominees for the Steering Committee. All nominees must give their consent to the Nominating Committee as a condition for nomination.

Section 3.  The Nominating Committee shall present its slate of nominees during the regular September meeting. Following such presentation, opportunity shall be given for further nominations from the floor.

  1. If there be no nominations from the floor, the vote of the slate by general consent may be taken by voice vote. The September newsletter will include a notice concerning the election of new officers.
  2. If there be nominations from the floor for one or more offices, election shall then be by ballot during the regular October meeting. Members unable to attend the October meeting may request and shall receive an absentee ballot from the Moderator.

Section 4.  The elected Committee shall assume their responsibilities on January 1 following the election.

Section 5.  The Committee shall have the authority to appoint replacement members for any who resign or leave the Club or this area.


Duties of the Steering Committee and Its Officers

Section 1.   It shall be the duty of the Committee to:

  1. Obtain a suitable meeting place and insure that applicable rules governing usage are observed.
  2. Plan the yearly schedule of meetings and events.
  3. On Forum, Show & Tell, and Print Competition nights:
  1. Provide a person who will judge images submitted by members [Honoraria may be paid at the discretion of the Committee].
  2. Appoint a person or persons to serve as Coordinator(s) to receive and prepare images for showing. Images are to be prepared according to the ‘Rules’ available on the club website.
  1. Appoint members to fill vacancies on the Committee.
  2. Appoint Special Committees and Chairpersons in accordance with Articles IV and V above.
  3. Appoint one Club member as “Greeter” to meet and welcome members and guests. The Greeter may, if appropriate, offer guests membership information. The term of this appointment shall be one year with the option of re-appointment.
  4. Maintain custody of Club equipment used in presenting programs.
  5. Appoint a Newsletter Editor, from among Club membership, charged with producing and distributing the monthly Club newsletter electronically.
  6. Appoint a Webmaster, from among the Club membership, to maintain the Club website.

Section 2.   It shall be the duty of the Moderator to preside at all Club meetings or to provide a substitute Moderator.

Section 3.   It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to:

  1. Be responsible for all financial affairs of the Club, supervise the collection of revenue, disperse all funds and sign all checks. The Treasurer shall report the financial status of the Club in June and December of each year.
  2. Maintain membership and attendance records for each meeting. Members paying dues shall receive membership cards signed by the Treasurer. The signed membership card will serve as a receipt for cash payment.
  3. Establish and maintain a membership list of all paid-up members. Maintain a list of members delinquent or in arrears to be communicated to the Newsletter Editor prior to the May general meeting, at which time a final “Good Standing Notice” shall be published.

Section 4.   It shall be the duty of the Secretary to:

  1. Maintain minutes of Steering Committee meeting activity; provide a copy of the minutes to members of the Steering Committee following each meeting so members can review them in preparation for corrections, if any, and subsequent approval at the next Steering Committee meeting. Once approved, they become part of the CCofH records to be archived.
  2. Provide a copy of the Steering Committee meeting minutes to the Newsletter Editor, or any other active member, if requested.
  3. Handle Club correspondence.
  4. Be prepared to read the notes of any previous meeting if requested.
  5. At general elections, receive absentee ballots, tabulate and announce results.



Meetings-Regular and Special

Section 1.   Regular meetings of the Club shall be held the fourth Tuesday of each month, coming to order at 7:00 pm. There shall be a social time commencing at 6:30 pm.

Section 2.   Upon written request to the Secretary by 10 Club members, a Special Meeting shall be called by the Chairperson of the Steering Committee. No business, other than that for which the Special Meeting was called, shall be transacted. Notice stating the purpose of the meeting, shall be given to the membership at least seven days prior to said meeting.

Section 3.   At any Regular or Special Meeting of the Club, a quorum shall exist if the number of members present and voting is equal to one third +1 of the membership in good standing.


Format of Meetings

Regular meetings shall conform to the following outline:

  1. Welcome and introduction of guests and new members.
  2. Club business – to be kept as brief as possible.
  3. Program – may include a ‘halftime’ intermission.



Section 1.   The adoption of By-Laws, additions to or amending existing By-Laws, shall be accomplished by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership, present and voting, or by absentee ballot. The Newsletter will give notice of proposed By-Laws changes 30 days prior to meeting.

Section 2.   Any member in good standing who cannot attend a meeting at which additions or amendments of the By-Laws are being voted on, may vote by absentee ballot. The vote must be written and in the hands of the Secretary prior to the meeting. The envelope shall be marked “Ballot” so it will not be opened before the meeting. The Club officers present shall act as a Special Committee to determine the legality of any absentee ballot that is questioned.


  1. The months of January, April, July and October will be reserved for Forum nights. Detailed instructions for preparation of submissions on Forum nights are to be maintained in the ‘Rules’ available on the Club website and may, at the discretion of the Editor, be published in the Newsletter.
  2. The month of June shall be reserved for the annual Print Competition.
  3. Show & Tell nights may be scheduled as directed by the Steering Committee.

Revised June, 2013