An Enthusiast may have some or all of the attributes listed below:

            Strong interest in photography

            Background in film photography, but just entered the world of digital photography

            Basic knowledge of camera operation, but a keen interest in learning more

            Uses point and shoot cameras set on Automatic

            Basic understanding of post processing

            Limited participation in Forums, Show & Tells, Critiques, Field Trips and Presentations, but little or                        no experience in photo competition     






An Advanced photographer would have moved further up the learning/experience/equipment curve and would have demonstrated skills in the some or all of the items listed below:


            Participation in numerous Forums, Show & Tells and Speaker presentations

            Proficiency in using camera, various lenses, flash, etc

            Understands depth of field, composition guidelines and other techniques

            Uses a DSLR camera

            No longer uses Automatic settings, but uses advanced settings such as Aperture Priority, Shutter                       Priority, Program and/or Manual modes

            Competence with post processing software

            Quality of images submitted in Forums, Show & Tells, Critiques and Exhibits

            Experience in photo competition 


Which are you?