The Camera Club of Hendersonville owns a ColorMunki Monitor Calibrator.  It is an instrument that has two main purposes:

1. To calibrate a monitor for true neutral color.  When you have done this any images whose color balance you adjust on that monitor will look the same on any other calibrated monitor.

2. To produce a printer profile.  The software includes a function that prints a series of color patches on a sheet of 8 by 10 paper of the type for which a profile is needed.  The printed sheet is then scanned with the ColorMunki.  The software then prints a second sheet of color patches to refine the first set.  A printer profile for that paper is then produced.

The club purchased a Club License which allows any member to install the software and use the ColorMunki.
Peter Jones is the keeper of this device and it is available for loan to any club member.

Calibrating your monitor is strongly recommended.  Presently, if you have a "name brand" printer you can go to the printing paper supplier's web site and download a printer profile for each kind of paper that you use.