Don McGowan on Composition

(Bullet points from presentation to CCoH on March 22, 2016)

photo by Bob Coffey


Elements: Line,Shape, Form, Pattern, Texture, Color

Principles: Balance, Relationship, Contrast, Simplicity, Rhythm, Motion/Flow, Unity/Cohesiveness


Thou Shalt Not (at least most of the time):

  • Bull's-Eye the Subject
  • Place the horizon in the middle
  • Place the horizon on an angle
  • Introduce distracting elements
  • Create an image in inappropriate light
  • Introduce camera movement ( unless you are panning or want intentional blurring)
  • Create an image with inappropriate focus
  • Create an image with  inappropriate depth-of-field
  • Create an image with a confusing or unclear subject
  • Create an image lacking in emotional impact

And always keep in mind the words of Kenyon Cox, "Without design you may have representation, but you cannot have art."


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