Camera Club of Hendersonville, NC | Exhibitions Coordinator



Exhibitions Coordinator

The Exhibitions Coordinator will work with the Steering Committee, particularly the Public Relations Director, to secure venues and execute exhibitions for the showing of Members images.

Typical Tasks:

The Exhibitions Coordinator will:

·         Seek out venues for the exhibition of Members photography

·         Inform Members of the requirements of the venue

·         Supervise the hanging and the removal of all exhibitions

·         Provide attractive labels for the exhibition pieces

·         Inform the Public Relations Coordinator of all exhibitions

·         Inform the Webmaster of exhibitions

·         Assist the Newsletter Editor in providing exhibition information for the Newsletter.



The Exhibitions Coordinator:

·         Must be knowledgeable in the use of software used in creating labels for exhibition photos..

·         Must attend the hanging and removal of all exhibitions

Please contact if you are interested in this position.

Revised 10.28.2017