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Job Description

Hospitality Coordinator

The Hospitality Coordinator will work with the Steering Committee to insure that Club Members and visitors are treated to great food and beverage at Club meetings and events.

Typical Tasks:

The Hospitality Coordinator will

·         Pass out a signup list at meetings soliciting volunteers to bring desserts and/or snacks to next General  Meeting.

·         Make a follow up call several days before the General Meeting to remind volunteers of their commitment   and give them quantity estimates.

·         Select several team members to assist in all events requiring food or beverage.

·         Be available or delegate the task of setting up the Hospitality table prior to each General Meeting.

·         Generate a Standards of Operation checklist on how to set up the Hospitality Table in the event that the Coordinator is unable to attend the General Meeting.

·         Purchase supplies as needed such as cups, napkins, coffee, and tea.

  • Qualifications:

The Coordinator must:

·         Have basic food handling knowledge.

·         Regularly attend General Meetings arriving at least one hour before the beginning of the General Meeting generally 6pm

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Revised 10/20/2016