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Newsletter Editor

The CCoH Newsletter Editor will report to the Chairman of the Steering Committee and work with the other members of the Steering Committee to produce a Newsletter that records the activities of the Club.

Typical Tasks:

Take in information of Club activities and arrange them for publication.

Will Include, but is not limited to, the following newsletter subjects:  the CCoH logo; the dates, location, and times of meeting; the purpose of the club; contact phone numbers; Chairman’s Message; past  CCoH and PSA events; upcoming activities of the CCoH; competition results; member commentaries; instructional material; any other topic of photographic interest. 

Use the PSA Judging Standards to style the format and content of the Newsletter


·         Must have good working knowledge of a type of publishing software

·         Must have good attendance at Club Meetings

·         Must have good writing and editing skills


Please Respond to Ken Weaver if you are interested.

Revised 10/22/2017