Call for Photo and Article Submissions to IN FOCUS Newsletter

Cover Photo of the Month Image

Image must be submitted in horizontal format(landscape)  300 dpi, 5x7 aspect,less than 2MB. You will email your photo to [email protected] by 6:00pm on the second Monday of the month. All images will be judged by the Steering Committee the following afternoon and the selected image will then be the cover photo for the following month. Example: photo A is emailed on Monday February 12. The Steering Committee will review all submissions and will select one on February 13. That image will be on the cover of the March 1, 2018 issue. The photo must be your own work from camera to submission and has no time requirement as to its origin.

Full-Length Articles

The text for full length articles can be no longer than one page, single-spaced in Word. Up to four photographs can be submitted with each article. Please include a caption with each photograph identifying what it is. Article should cover no more than two pages of the Newsletter including text and photos.

Short Articles

These are shorter articles (half a page of text in Word) on a variety of subjects. Up to three photographs may be submitted with each short article. Please include a caption with each photograph identifying what it is. Article should cover no more than one page of the Newsletter including text and photos.

Possible Topics:

  • Favorite location nearby (within the Carolinas) –and include information such as: location (how to get there, what is popular at the location, best time of year and day to shoot, when it is open, what gear is needed). Number of photos , see Short Article/ Long Article definitions.
  • Favorite location far (Outside of the Carolinas) – Same guidelines as above, except the location can be outside the Carolinas.
  • A Photographic Subject that is of interest-for example, sunrises, birds, portraits, macro photography ect- why do you like it, anything special you do to capture your subject, what do you do with the photos? Include some photos to highlight your subject.
  • Story behind the shot – Do you have an image with a story behind it?
  • Before and After- Post Production with only a high level description of the manipulation- just to give a flavor of how much the photo changed/evolved- ideal for the photo of the month if the photographer is willing>
  • Favorite Tip given to you by another photographer.
  • Review of a book, a camera, or a unique software that is available.
  • An inspirational photographer from outside our area/club, a link to their site and why they at inspirational to the submitter.




         Topics to Avoid

         Please leave the detailed post production to the Work Shop Committee.

     Recaps of trips are fine but leave out the family snapshots.




How to Submit

Please send Editor Bonnie Mangold a quick email at [email protected]  with the topic you want to write about. That’s to ensure we have no duplication.


Once you get the OK, submit the article to the same email address


Submission Guidelines:

Write the article in Word. Use single space. Don’t use bold. Don’t use italics. Use 12-point Times-Roman type.


Email the article to Bonnie at [email protected] as an attachment.


Photos should be sized at 300 dpi and at least 6-inches long on the longest end. Send these as JPEG attachments (please send no more than 2 photos in each email).


If it is easier, you may also put the article and images in a Dropbox folder and share that folder with Bonnie at [email protected]

Note: Submission of an article doesn’t guarantee publication. Articles may be held and run in future issues because of space.


If you have any questions, please email Bonnie or call her at 973.219.8496