I have always enjoyed the visual arts, but never thought of photography as an art until I met my husband, Jim Pierson. Jim introduced me to the art of photography, and some of my favorite dates involved going through his catalog of pictures or accompanying him on a photoshoot. I’ve come to see that photographs are more than just a chemical or digital record of people and places. Like other artists, a photographer can use elements such as light, color and composition to tell a story, evoke an emotion, or convey an idea. I love the way that photographers can share their own unique perspective of the world through their images. When we moved to the beautiful mountains of western NC and joined the Camera Club of Hendersonville, Jim encouraged me to try my own hand at photography. I’m definitely a novice, but the club's field trips, workshops and meetings have expanded my interest and skill. I hope that sharing some of my photos will encourage other beginners to join the club, and start creating images of the world as they experience it.
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