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I first became interested in photography at age 11 when I saved up and bought my first camera a, Voigtlander Vito B, which I still own. I was taught darkroom techniques by a neighbor, in England, who was a member of The Royal Photographic Society and a member of The London Salon of Photography.

I graduated with a degree in chemistry and worked in photographic research, helping to develop the first dry-to-dry radiographic processing systems and viscous in-flight processing systems for NATO Harrier Jump-jet photo.recon.units. At this point photography ceased to be a hobby!

After five years, I transferred into textile research and marketing, and a busy career in Europe and the US allowed me time only to capture photographs of vacations and my four children and eleven grandchildren growing up.

Retirement in 2002 to the mountains of WNC allowed me, once again, to pursue my love of photography. In addition to Hendersonville CC, I belong to the LOWCC in Brevard. Significant recent travel, during retirement, has led me to concentrate somewhat on travel photography during the last several years.
Peter Jones, PhotographerArtist, Kaua'i, HawaiiBiltmore SucculentBlack Dragon Pool, Lijiang, ChinaBluebirdBoatman,Li River, ChinaCharleston LetterboxHalong Bay, VietnamMaligne Lake, Jasper NP, CanadaWhitewater Falls NCYoung Girl, India