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Our brain is programmed to see “the big picture” which allows us to go efficiently through our daily lives, undistracted by small details. Our memory also shapes our expectation of what we ought to see and what it is supposed to mean, excluding other alternatives.

By looking at my surroundings as if I had never seen them before, I try to suppress any memory of what it is that I am looking at, the names of things and their significance. That leaves me free to interpret a scene solely through my perception.

Ultimately, I can “see” and extract specific elements, that become the building blocks for something entirely different.

Werner Bonitz
1_Creativity in progress2_Calligraphy3_Two Souls4_Northern lights5_Hong Kong6_Universe7_Driftwood8_Bird Lips9_Braveheart10_Strange Bedfellows11_Through the Divide12_Color Fragments13_Up and Up14_No Kidding15_Veins16_Displaced17_Wish List18_Coffin Nail19_Made for Each Other20_Portland Reflection