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Like many in this club my journey in photography started with rolls of film, Nikon kit and a basic basement darkroom many years ago. This humble beginning was interrupted by raising a family and having to go to work! Taking pictures was enjoyable but looking back I realise I didn’t really know much about photography in the early days. Yes, I could take a picture and develop the negative into a print, but appreciating the exposure triangle, composition, tonality, the colour temperature of light, the golden hour, the blue hour, studio lighting, patterns, colours and textures and on and on has only come over time.

The journey is (hopefully) far from over and I enjoy shooting whatever is in front of my camera. It seems the more you learn the more there is to explore and try. It can be frustrating, but mostly it is fun. Susi and I are fortunate to be able to travel and photograph and have enjoyed the friendships of many of the like-minded photographers we have met along the way.We are pleased to be members of CCoH.

Editor' note: Greg Lambert has earned the Distinction of Associate of the Royal Photographic Society in the Travel Category. The Associate level distinction recognizes a high degree of proficiency and a high technical and visual competence in a particular category. Greg has presented his work in portfolio competition and the display panel can be found under Commendations. This gallery shows the images that make up that portfolio panel (minus the pic of Greg at his camera!)
Greg Lambert, PhotographerHeartPerfectSchool GirlVive la FranceEleganceTrioFishing BoatBird's Eye ViewThames BarrierMoody BeachUmbrellaSunsetHorse DrawnPOVGolden LightBlue Ridge MountainsAutumnGoing UpRetired