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I first became interested in photography in the 1990’s when my sons, Devin, Collin, and Ben began to show an interest in the graphic arts. It was a way for us to do something together and learn from one another. After Collin talked me into converting a spare bathroom into a darkroom for his high-school photography work, I got hooked on making images and have been doing so ever since. My background is in pharmacy, and my career was in outcomes research and post-marketing product surveillance for Pfizer. Photography was one of those things that helped keep work stress at a manageable level. I guess as a consequence of my research background, I look at the camera as a digital imaging experimentation device. I like to see how much I can push the technology to make unusual and interesting photographs. Most of my photographic exploration is in infrared, pinhole, and specialty lens utilization with a digital camera converted to full spectrum capability. Most of my photographs undergo a fair amount of post-processing in a variety of software packages.
David Day PhotographerCommon RushLounging on the DeckGround CherriesEvening at the BeachForgotten BridgeStill LifeTrackswooshWrecking Crew