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Carrie is a freelance travel, nature and adventure photographer. She works in many different genres, so this gives her the ability to sell fine artwork as well as stock photography. Her professional career began just a few years ago, but she has always been a photographer at heart. Capturing images that create a mood and convey emotion are what is most important to her, since this is why she first picked up a camera.

Carrie won Fujifilm's Create with Me Competition- Karen Hutton's Landscape Challenge this past year. She has also been a featured artist on a number of social media pages. She recently switched from shooting with Sony to a Fuji XT4 and is loving the results.
Cathedral Rock, Sedona, ArizonaBlackfeet Indian MemorialDevils Tower National MonumentWaves Rolling InRelaxing SuspensionBlue Ridge SunriseRainy DaisyCampbells Covered BridgeVibrant TulipsIrish ThunderstormSt. Augustine Pier SunsetHunting Island BoneyardCarrie HanrahanBig Cedar Cannon Fire