Camera Club of Hendersonville

Job Description

Setup Coordinator

The Setup Coordinator will work with the Steering Committee to insure that the meeting area is properly setup for the General Meeting.

Typical Tasks:

The Setup Coordinator will:

·         Recruit and select volunteers for the Setup Committee.

·         Schedule all volunteers and make calls a day in advance to insure attendance.

·         Direct all Set up volunteers.

·         Have the Welcoming Table ready for the Welcoming and New Members Coordinator first.

·         Make certain that the microphone is connected and working.

·         Have a table ready for the Hospitality Coordinator to set up the refreshments.

·         Arrange chairs in a classroom arrangement before 6:30pm.

·         Provide any other table arrangements for the Guest Speakers as needed.

·         Direct the setup volunteers in the cleanup of the room and the disposal of the garbage and recycle including relining bins.


  •    Must regularly attend General Meetings.
  •    Must be able to arrive at General Meeting at least 1 hr before the meeting in most cases 6pm.


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