The Greatest Show on Earth!

1500 Years in the Making!


                               Photo Credit: National Geographic


The 2017 Solar Eclipse will happen on August 21 and we are right in the middle of the path of the Moon's Shadow! The last time that the solar eclipse cast it shadow solely on the continental US was on June 13,1257, though purists may argue that it also went over the Hawaiian Islands. To find an eclipse that compares with the Great American Eclipse of 2017 you have to go back to July 29,436!  Like back then only the US will see the eclipse.(Credit: The Great American Eclipse Summer 2017)


Below is a list of Resources to help you view the event safely:

Baader AstroSolar Filter Film      Tip Provided by David Powell

NBC News MACH                             Tip Provided by David Powell

B&H Photo Podcast

Vinny Colucci Photographer          Tip Provided by Ken Weaver who attended one of Vinny's Photo Workshops

NY Times Article                                Tip Provided by Ginny Bedell