Camera Club of Hendersonville

Job Description

Welcoming Coordinator

The Welcoming Coordinator will work with the Steering Committee to insure that all Members and Guests receive a proper welcome and acknowledgement when arriving at a Club event.

Typical Tasks:

  • Be present at the General Meeting to meet and greet not only Guests but also Members
  • Provide a temporary name tag for a Guest.
  • Give Visitor a brief description of the order of the Meeting including breaks, refreshments and programs.
  • Show visitor Rest Room Locations
  • Assist the Membership Coordinator in maintaining the Visitor Log.
  • Introduce Visitors to as many Directors as possible.
  • Give the Visitor’s name to the General Meeting Moderator for introduction at the opening of the meeting.


  • Must regularly attend General Meetings
  • Must be aware of the monthly content of the General Meeting

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Revised 12/02/2015