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Field trips are one of the ways Club Members can connect with one another during the ups and downs of COVID. We will once again implement the strategy of having anyone plan and organize a field trip to someplace of interest.


  1. We are currently looking for a field trip coordinator. The responsibility is not necessarily to find, plan, and lead every field trip. The duties are to coordinate multiple field trips suggested by club members.
  2. Any and all club members can suggest a field trip destination. S/he sends the suggestion via a FIELD TRIP SUGGESTION FORM to Lois V, Club Secretary, at [email protected]. The Club Secretary will coordinate all of the suggestions against the club calendar so there is no overlap of activities.
  3. Along with the suggested field trip location, s/he can volunteer to lead the trip. If one elects to lead a trip, the trip leader’s would be:
    • Provide instructions to get to the destination
    • Arrange a specific meetup point
    • Wait at the meetup point and get everyone’s signed release form or have them sign a master form for the field trip provided by the leader
    • Suggest a mingle location for mid-trip or end-of-trip. The club’s field trips are a great way to interact with fellow members over lunch, dinner, or even breakfast, should we feel comfortable
    • That is the extent of the Field Trip leader’s duties
  4. A good example of this might just be a field trip to downtown Asheville or Hendersonville. A good strategy is to tie the GYBS! topic with a trip.

Rev: Feb 8, 2022

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