2020 Gimme Your Best Shot!


Dennis Guffey untitled-0492 (1024x683)Dennis Guffey untitled-0492 (1024x683)


The goal of this program is to challenge each Member to get their camera out and take some interesting shots each month.  Each Member will be allowed to submit 3 images during the month.  The image must be taken in the year 2020 and can be submitted no earlier than the first of the month of that particular topic and no later than the Saturday prior to the General Meeting.  The images will also be shown in a slideshow at the beginning of each General Meeting and will later be displayed on the Website.  To submit your images you must be a Member of the Club (2020 Dues paid).


See the Submission Guidelines for sizing and formatting the image.  Images for Gimme Your Best Shot! are to be emailed to Jim Pierson.


These images will be simply displayed but not critiqued.  This program will come into play only on the non-PhotoCritique months below.  On PhotoCritique months of January, April, July, and October, you will submit images matching the Theme and size and name them as described on the Submission Guidelines page.


2020 Schedule

Months to Participate                        Topic

February                                           Circles

March                                               Juxtaposition/Opposites

May                                                   Inside Looking Out

June                                                  Macro or Still Life

August                                              Long Exposure

September                                         Morning Fog or Dew

November                                         Converging Lines