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Members’ Galleries Are A Feature of the Club Website!

  • Any CCoH member can have their images displayed on the Club Website.

  • Each Member can submit up to twenty (20) of their personal favorite / best images.

  • The Webmaster will provide you with the proper link to your gallery so that you can message your friends and family.

  • Once your gallery is set up, you will be able to add or replace images once a month.

  • Label and size each image according the Submission Guidelines.

  • If you are a Mac user create a folder FIRST! (label it YourName_Gallery) and then attach it to an email to the CCoH club webmaster, Larry Driver, and he will set it up on the Club Website. PC users can just attach the images to an email and send it.

  • Attach any other information that you would like to include about each photo and we will put the info in the caption’s box.

  • Send a bio image of you (as a photographer with camera if possible) and it will be the first in the Gallery.

  • Include a biography of your involvement in photography.


Go to this link to see an example of what your site may look like.

(Tip: click on the slideshow button on the upper-right to get the best experience)


Questions can either be answered by email or by phone! Don't hesitate to call if you are not clear about the directions! Let's really add to the quality and content of


Updated: 29-March-2024